Animal Resources

Government Veterinary Journal (GVJ) archives – full text available

Archives of ‘The Government Veterinary Journal’ – the official journal of the Government Veterinary Service and those who support its work or have an interest in state veterinary medicine. It is compiled and produced by Animal Health for, and on behalf of, veterinary surgeons and those who support them across all parts of government.

Veterinary Clinical Digest – Free Publication

Veterinary Clinical Digest is a new online publication which surveys the full range of papers published in Wiley-Blackwell veterinary journals and brings together the latest research, of particular relevance to clinical practice, in one place. Each issue of Veterinary Clinical Digest contains a link to the full-text article online (which has been made free to access) and includes a summary outlining the key ‘take home’ messages for practice.

You can also sign up for email notifications of new information posted.

BMC Veterinary Research – Open Access Journal

With an impact factor of 2.37, BMC Veterinary Research is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of veterinary science and medicine, including the epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of medical conditions of domestic, companion, farm and wild animals, as well as the biomedical processes that underlie their health. BMC Veterinary Research) is indexed by PubMed and Google Scholar amongst others.

Histology PowerPoint Tutorials from Wikivet

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