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New! AVMA Collection: Canine behavior series

Acceptable behavior is vital to a pet’s well-being, and an unresolved behavior problem in a pet can be a terminal condition.

Behavior problems are some of the leading reasons for euthanasia of dogs in the United States and Europe. According to the authors of 1 study, behavior problems are the most common reason given by owners for the relinquishment of their dogs to animal shelters.

Veterinarians have tremendous opportunities to intervene in behavior problems before they result in euthanasia or relinquishment of a pet to an animal shelter.

Consult AVMA Collection: Canine behavior series today to learn about current findings in these areas:
• Canine behavior in clinical practice
• Canine anxiety disorders (coming March 2012)
• Canine aggression (coming April 2012)
• Other canine behavioral disorders (coming May 2012

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