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New Zoology journal

The following journal is now available in the library
Integrative Zoology

Integrative Zoology is the official journal of the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) and focuses on zoology as an integrative discipline encompassing all aspects of animal life.

It is only available online and you can find the journal by searching on the library catalogue or by using the following link:

Please note if you are accessing off campus you will need to use your personal Athens username and password.


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New Database – SPAC – Searchable Proceedings of Animal Conferences

S-PAC is the most comprehensive animal production and management conference proceeding database in the world. This unique collection of conference proceedings and presentations is a must-have resource for animal scientists, veterinarians, academicians, consultants and members of industry around the world. The value of S-PAC increases every time a conference and a set of proceedings is added.

S-PAC is available from the following link:

It is also listed on the library page of Moodle and the library blog.

SPAC changes in the month of January 2011 include:

2010 Virginia Tech Feed and Nutritional Management Cow College Proceedings

2010 Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium Proceedings

2010 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Proceedings

2010 Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference Proceedings

Please note this resource is only available on-campus via IP address authentication.

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